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The New Reality Foundation, Inc is a dynamic global leadership preparation program connecting women and girls of color to innovation, inudstry leaders, mentors and the resources needed to succed as leaders. We work to spark, contribute to and grow a global Culture of Inclusion for women and girls of color.  Our focus is positive as we envision equality for women and girls of color in the on-going struggle for gender and race equability and inclusion.


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Issa Rae
Issa Rae

Award-winning Writer & Producer Guest speaker

Hill Harper
Hill Harper

Award-winning actor Guest speaker

Dr. Raye Mitchell
Dr. Raye Mitchell

CEO & Founder inspiring girls of all ages

Issa Rae
Issa Rae

Award-winning Writer & Producer Guest speaker


New in 2015

New in 2015

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Dr. Raye Mitchell

CEO & Founder



By: Laura Donovan





Many organizations, big name public figures, and regular Americans stress the importance of empowering women in the workplace. Though necessary, the conversation rarely acknowledges the additional struggles women of color face when trying to grow professionally, particularly in the tech industry. That's why Silicon Valley-based lawyer, recipient of the Jefferson Award, the Nobel Prize for public service, and passionate humanitarian Raye Mitchell started three programs dedicated to elevating women and girls of color so they can enter college and the workforce with everything they need to succeed.


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Black Fathers Present for our Girls

Black Fathers Matter for Black Girls. What will you be doing to celebrate Black Fathers and Sons Who are Present for our Black Girls?


The 20th anniversary of the Million Man March on Washington D.C.  reminds us to take stock and celebrate our Black fathers and sons that are present in the lives of our woman and girls everyday. 









If we want to save our Black girls, we need to also save our Black fathers and our Black sons. The concept may be too daunting for some and quite alien to others. We cannot risk leaving our girls emotionally wounded and wanting, and intellectually and sociologically impaired when fathers go missing. 


You really need not ask why we should celebrate our Black fathers as part of our celebration of Black woman and girls, but here is why. Black families need fathers. #BlackFathersMatter. Our children need Black fathers present in their lives. I work with young girls from all economic backgrounds to increase access to educational and life opportunities for them. In 2014, the Oprah Winfrey Network aired a summer series called "Daddyless Daughters" that focused on women's relationships with absent or uninvolved fathers and I see firsthand the difference for those children of having a father who is present and engaged.




American University’s School of Professional & Extended Studies partners with Women Lead to Enhance Leadership Skills of Millennial Women of Color





Course accelerates millennial women’s path to c-suite and board level leadership™ (WLF) is teaming up with The American University School of Professional & Extended Studies to meet the urgent unmet global demand to accelerate millennial women and women of color to lead, lead at the c-suite level and lead on boards. By offering this multi-disciplinary combined on-line distance learning and live content program in venues across the country, AU and WLF meet the needs of the marketplace to provide quality leadership training programs for millennial women of color based on their unique perspectives and life experiences.


Focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities facing millennial women of color, the course will provide a global perspective and engagement for all millennial women concerned with learning new leadership perspectives and skills in managing gender, race, class, social impact in preparing to lead at the c-suite level. The purpose of this course is to enhance, accelerate, and educate millennial women of color on how to disrupt the status quo and break through barriers. Promising to be among the first of its kind, this course provides an interactive forum devoted to telling students’ stories and harnessing the power of our leadership skills and contributions. 


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