Educational Excellence

Effective leadership depends on access to educational excellence as a core value system for every woman and girl of color.


Every women and girl of color deserves access to educational excellence.  To help prepare women and girls of color to take center stage as the next generation of global leaders, we focus our attention to invest in emerging educational trends, innovation and technology to discover new ways to meet the unmet national and global challenges of investing in women and girls as the next generation of global leaders. We investigate novel approaches within and well beyond the field of leadership, and seek new relationships and fresh thinking that may accelerate progress through educational access and excellence at all levels from supporting a decrease in the high school dropout rate to preparing talented women and girls to enter community colleges or obtain an Ivy League education. We believe that there is an educational fit for every woman and every girl at every level of ability.



Effective leadership depends on access to leadership training and accelerating as a global leader to generate positive social change and impact as a core value system for every woman and girl of color. 


Leaders are made and not born.  The New Reality Foundation is committed for helping nurture women and girls as the next generation of global leaders. By preparing young girls, millennials, Generation Zers and women at the executive level to lead at the c-suite and beyond, we want to contribute to and create a sustained Culture of Engagement and Inclusion. 

Health & Wealth


Effective leadership depends on increasing access to wellness in health and wealth as vital resources to help invest in building families, healthy communities and a healthy future to reinvest in building a legacy of success as a core value system for every woman and girl of color.  


From a global to a national and local level, addressing women and girl’s health challenges drives the development of strong and effective leaders in all sectors. At the New Reality Foundation, we are committed to investing in women and girls to build a robust and healthy environment and foster programs and training in health care, public health matters and personal safety and wellness to live a balanced life at work and play. Financial literacy is not enough. We believe that fully equipping women and girls as knowledgeable in wealth creation, wealth management and legacy wealth planning to protect and build opportunity and self-sufficiencies for current and future generations as the champions of change for themselves and their communities. 

Media & Entertainment


Effective leadership depends on reforming media images and addressing the negative stereotypes of women and girls in media and entertainment industries as a core value system for every woman and girl of color.   


What is often presented in media and entrainment about women and girls is far from reality.  What you see is not the reality of informed, brilliant and forward moving women and girls of color. We sponsor building a new reality form the inside out. We are committed to containing and neutralizing the impact of   unchecked toxic media and entertainment messages. Instead, we seek to educate, advocate and produce new media that promotes fresh intelligent entertainment and positive media experiences.