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Words do hurt

a poem by Kobi Allston


People say that words don’t hurt

But those people are wrong

I have this feeling deep inside

I wish those girls were gone

Taunting me with all these words

Hurting me so deep

I feel something slide down my face

But I don't think its me

All these words come in my ear

Hoping to go through

They’re stabbing me with all these words

Making me feel so cruel

They don t know how much it hurts

But I would not like to show them

So finally as I try to make

Them stop hurting me

I ask them very nicely an even still say please

But they just stand there in total shock

Like I did not speak

Meet Kobi

She has G.U.R.L.S. Rock Power


Kobi is wise beyond her years. She is compassionate, wise and deep in her thinking about changing the world. Kobi has been a regular particiapnt in the G.U.R.L.S. Rock Leadership Program.

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